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These are the real victims of flamewars:

"After the recent affair with @antirez's blogpost, I'm seriously considering forgoing further usage of #Redis in all my projects." (@nathell)

Obvious considerations:

1) Somebody will be happy about this as there was definitely a force trying to resonate as much as possible what was happening in the worst way.
2) The guy should read my blog post seriously.

But this is how it goes, you write a blog post that is a point of view about how to handle sexism (focusing on its effects, not the cause that anyway at the most subtle level, for instance a wrong promotion, can simply be denied by the author of the sexism), and the net result thanks to a number of people in part evil, in part simply bigot as hell, is that I'm sexist.

Let's explain how it works using a parallel example:

So now the Bay Area is in a place of the world where Death Penalty is currently active, in 2012, and a lot of software is produced there. I guess that likely there are people that are for death penalty right now, writing free software. Death penalty for me is the most inacceptable shit, but I don't have a taboo talking about it with somebody that instead favours it.

But... as much as concerns you that are not using Redis because of my article that suggests moving the focus on the effects of sexism instead of the cause itself (that risks of creating a difference that can be discriminatory itself), I suggest you emailing all the people that wrote the software you are using to make sure they are against death penalty. At least this would be logic (and incredibly silly).

Manipulating masses for fun & profit is easy apparently.
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