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On twitter I read a few concerns about inability to read what I think about tech non-redis topics. First of all, thanks to everybody interested in my thoughts :) Second, this blog is exactly the place where I'll post everything like that.


@redisfeed -> Redis news, mostly low traffic, high signal.
@antirez -> Will be converted into my personal account, mostly italian language, non work related.
@zeritna -> Will be simply dismissed.
This blog -> Everything about day by day Redis development, personal opinion about sexism, sky driving, shit eating and japanese food.
@antirezdotcom -> A Twitter account that publish everything posted at antirez.com (rss feed to twitter service)

This is a better approach to take people informed. For one the Redis twitter account will be also communicated to Pieter Noordhuis, that is one thing that was not possible before as it was my personal account.

Second, I had to avoid telling too many things about me in my @antirez account. Now I'll convert it into a personal account that you may want to follow only if you are interested in me as a person (family, friends, ..., mostly).

Third, this blog is much better than tweets to express tech opinions. The reality is, 140 chars are too little for a lot of things, at least in my opinion, and a full blog post is too time consuming.

Let's see how it goes :-) I'm sure that in the long run everything will be better than before about Redis and my private "social existence".
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