Icon Ping

Many times I end using a computer in places with a poor or erratic wifi connection, so while I'm surfing the web, checking my email, or writing a message on Twitter, if something does not work as expected I'm not sure if the problem is my internet connection or a specific web site.

My reaction when this happens is to open the Terminal application in OSX and check with a ping command if everything is working well at least at the basic level, that is, I'm able to reach internet at all?

For all this reasons I spent a few hours creating this small OSX menubar application that continuously pings the address checking if the connection is working, and changing the menubar icon accordingly.

The world icon will change color accordingly to the state of the connection:

The application almost has no user interface at all, if not for a tiny menu used to quit the application or to set it to automatically restart at the next reboot.

Download Icon Ping 1.02

Source Code

Icon Ping is open source software (BSD license), the source code is available on github. Since I'll likely not have much time to hack on iconping the only way the project can survive is thanks to your pull requests.